Top-Quality Aquarium Supplies 

Installing an aquarium in your home can be one of the most interesting projects you ever embark on! Get help from the experienced professionals at Animal House for setting up a beautiful aquarium that will enhance your home's decor. 

Check out the exceptional collection of aquarium decorative materials at our store. Trust us to help you install an eye-catching in-home aquarium. Get in touch with our staff to learn about our current stock of fish and supplies.

Variety of Fish for Your In-home Aquarium

Stop by our store today to pick up top-quality aquarium supplies and fish food from trusted brands. Also, take a look at our extensive collection of tropical fish.

We recommend that you also check out our range of small animals and birds available for adoption. Ask about our 20% OFF on complete new pet packages. Call 513-931-6139 for more details.
Discuss your specifications and ideas for your new aquarium with our knowledgeable staff.
Call 513-931-6139.

Count on our pet store to supply fish food from top brands. We have been in business for over 20 years.

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